Located in Cypress County, Alberta, approximately 10 minutes west of  Medicine Hat.  Country Kennel offers kennel services for all breeds of dogs.  We offer a safe and friendly environment with knowledgeable and friendly staff.  
We have 160 acres of space for the dogs to run and play.  Large outdoor enclosures along with many quad runs to the back 40!    
We pride ourselves on cleanliness!!  The kennels are kept cleaned and sanitized daily and circulated with fresh clean air.  The kennel is heated in the winter and air fans in the summer.  We mainly keep the large doors open in the summer for ventilation and constant fresh air flow.  
We accept ALL dogs.   Our maximum is 8 dogs at a time so please book in advance.  Holidays and summer vacation can be a very busy time for us.
The rate of $25.00 a day is billed on a 24 hour system meaning once the clock turns past midnight the next day is billed.  Your dog can be dropped off anytime after 7:30 am and picked up sometime before midnight.

  • $25.00 per each day PER DOG at the kennel. 

CATS WELCOME at $10.00 a day!

All Dog Owners Must:
  • provide records of up to date vaccinations.
  • provide OWN food, bed and treats.  It's not necessary to send a leash or food bowls etc. 
  • phone text before drop off and pick up.
  • owners must fill out a registration form that can be obtained online.